Texas media Television Voice  

Broadcast Media and Television Production


These days, television production can mean many things. Cell phone video makes air, something unheard of only a decade ago, and the barrier to entry into the field is now in reach of so many.


We applaud the advances in technology and welcome new blood into the industry. We are however, old school. We cut our chops several decades ago before Youtube, when the gear was less computer-centric, where true knowhow made the difference between “getting the shot” or “not making air.”


Our work has been viewed internationally on many networks and our contributions to television programs span the range from long form infomercials, political commercials, breaking news and home and garden shows. We know the ropes, can anticipate issues before they arise and approach what we do with a healthy combination of business acumen and creativity. How can we help you?

Original Program Production


We’ve decided that we enjoy putting our creative minds to work and have recently become our own client. We have a number of projects in the works.’ Not all of them will actually become television programs, but we’re not worried. There are many stories to tell, and that’s what we’ll all about.

Podcast Original Programming, Production and Post Editorial Completion.


Podcasts are no doubt an effective marketing and communications tool. The term podcasting is to a degree too generic for us. Anyone with a personal computer and a microphone can produce a podcast and there are many that are less than professional. Our podcasts are actually broadcast grade radio programs which are delivered through the internet.  We work with clients to create podcast programs for their own businesses and also, work with other producers as well. Many turn to us to help them with post production editing. Professional podcasts are tightly edited where dead air and other voice characteristics are removed. A 30 minute program will take about four to five hours to edit.

Corporate and Marketing Communications


Large and small companies alike turn to Texas Media Television when they need to inform, persuade or call their audiences to action. Our service offerings and degrees of involvement are flexible as we can take an assignment from concept to completion or work alongside staff employees on the projects that come our way. We’re not limited to media communications. Special event planning utilizes the same skill sets as program production and our roster of past assignments includes events for hundred of attendees at a time. We know our way around the world of corporate communications for sure.

Managed Social Media


Social Media is so much more than just posting to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. There is no shortage of brand and corporate casualties brought about by inappropriate social media involvement. We keep our clients away from  reputation harm. We believe that social media is an official marketing communications component of business and should not

be taken lightly.’ There needs to be a strategy and ongoing maintenance, relevant content and monitoring. That’s what we do. We urge clients that if they are not going to take the time to implement a managed social media program that they not do it at all.  

CreativeServices, Script and General Business Writing, Video Program Treatments and More....


Our clients have idea and things they want to say and we help them achieve their goals. We prepare written material in their own voices and provide them powerful prose that’s intended to be delivered with impact. Training programs, e-books, website copy, detailed video treatments are just of the ways we help out. We love to write. Period.

Editorial Completion - Video and Audio


In this realm we regularly work for other production companies, producers and corporate communications departments to finish the projects they start. We have the expertise and equipment and take the post product burden off clients so they can go about their business and simply get more done. Our edited programming has aired all over the world on major television networks. We know our way around post production. We’ve been doing it for many years.