Texas media Television Voice  

Our Clients Are Certainly Diverse

Television Network and Production Companies


The “gig” economy enables television networks and production companies to obtain the help they need to cover their volume of work, employee vacation schedules and everything in between.


As an agile business we’re able to give them what they need and with our years of experience we’re always ready to hit the ground running.


We’ve produced news segments during hurricane Harvey here in Houston, written scripts for firms across the globe, produced segments of television programs and just about everything creative for television production.


Advertising Agencies, Public Relations , Marketing and Creative Services Firms



Art Directors and Account Managers call upon Texas Media TV when they need help seeing their visions come to life on behalf of their clients. We work alongside the agencies and integrate seamlessly with their staff as needed. Most often, their clients are under the impression that we work for them. We’re fine with this - everyone wins.




Corporate Communciations Managers


As new leaner business models appear throughout Corporate America, it’s safe to say, “nothing is like it has been.” The roles and activities of Corporate Communications Departments have decentralized and most often, the duties that once were the bastion of multi-employee groups with specialized employees such as Writers, Graphic Designers, Video Producers and Special Event Managers are now being handled by numerous departments and individuals, sometimes in different offices or for that matter, continents. During our years in business, we’ve worked with all types and sizes of organizations and can “click in” wherever we’re needed. Sometimes our expertise goes only as far as planning and at other times, we’re in charge of entire projects.

Small Businesses and Emerging Growth Companies


Social media, youtube videos, and in shop displays are just a few ways we help small businesses. Company profiles that play when visitors enter a website and on-going managed social media programs help engage audiences and boast customer retention and loyalty. This being said, we strongly urge our clients to employ new media in addition to traditional marketing and sales efforts. A website alone isn’t going to propel a business to the next level. In fact, all marketing communications needs to be part of a cohesive plan. We can help you get there.